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Mazda USA

Driving Matters


Injecting new life into the Mazda Brand

Role: Executive Design Director, Designer, Wrestler


Mazda set a goal to elevate their brand and products to compete in the premium car market. Only problem, they couldn't define "Premium". So we defined it for them and developed the "PRO" Principles: Premium. Real. Ownable. Turning a vision into application.

The site has been specifically built to meet the changing needs of Mazda customers. Mazda’s strategy for Mazda USA was to better engage with customers throughout the car-buying and car-owning process, offering an enhanced user experience for premium customers and current owners.

Mazda USA

Made at Mirum San Diego

Mazda Global Digital Style Guide


Webbys 2017 Automobile Site of the Year

Communication Arts

Mirum repositioned the automobile brand’s online platform as a hyperintuitive user experience.
— Communication Arts

Motorcycle Branding

Grit and Grease


Getting dirty with Wrenchers

Role: Executive Design Director, Designer, Tinkerer


I have one true love and her name is Priscilla, but the second is my 2014 Yamaha XV950. I’m always working on this and that to make her mine. Some would say I spend too much money on my bike. I tell them what else makes me so happy at 80 mph?

Because I love the motorcycle culture so much, I reach out to help others who make a living getting their hands burnt and bloody. Here's a few for Maxwell Hazan, Rough Crafts, Alchemy Motorcycles and BLK.

BLK Branding Style Guide


The Marines

Battles Won


Once a Marine Always a Marine

Role: Executive Design Director, Designer, Diplomat


When JWT approached Mirum with the opportunity to help out on the Marines account, I immediately called my dad. He's a Marine veteran and I couldn't have been more proud and stoked.

The Marines account has been the longest running relationship with JWT and as their partner, this was The Dream account for me. So we rolled up our sleeves, dove into the trenches and developed a user focused, mobile first overhaul for their online experience.


Made at Mirum San Diego

You can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the Corps!
— Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, Full Metal Jacket

Mirum Branding

What's Next


Never lose your sense of wonder

Role: Executive Design Director, Designer, Scribbler


There was once a small digital studio in the heart of the San Diego Gaslamp district. They worked hard. They partied even harder. They loved what they did. They loved their clients. They strived for bigger and better things.

When Digitaria needed to transform to MIRUM, a couple of us hunkered down in my bosses kitchen for the weekend, we drank and ate until we birthed the Mirum brand.

Mirum is a global digital agency of makers, believers and make-believers.

They create experiences that people want and businesses need. Mirum is for those who embrace the transformative power of digital. They guide brands through their three offering platforms: business transformation, experience development and commerce activation.


Fuck websites!
— Daiga Atvara, Chief Design Officer

Love of music

Get Inked


Visual melodies

Role: Thinker, Designer, Brainfart

Music and design is like a Jack & Coke. Perfect combination. I knew design was for me the first time I saw a Blue Note album designed by Reid Miles. The minimalistic approach with bold type was so different and it perfectly represented the music.

I've been designing posters, albums, t-shirts and anything else I can dig into for the San Diego music scene. It's my passion and way of giving back. Plus a free Jack & Coke is always waiting for me at the bar.

Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does.
— David Carson