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mazda usa


Injecting new life into the Mazda Brand

Role: Executive Design Director, Designer


Mazda set a goal to elevate their brand and products to compete in the premium car market. Only problem, they couldn't agree on what "Premium" meant. So we set out to define it for them. We developed the "PRO" Principles: Premium. Real. Ownable. Everything we did lattered up to these three terms.

The site has been specifically built to meet the changing needs of Mazda customers. Mazda’s strategy for Mazda USA was to better engage with customers throughout the car-buying and car-owning process, offering an enhanced user experience for premium customers and current owners.

Mazda USA

Made at Mirum San Diego


Webbys 2017 Automobile Site of the Year

Communication Arts

Mirum repositioned the automobile brand’s online platform as a hyperintuitive user experience.
— Communication Arts